Ayuna's approach to skin care is based on the concept of well-aging; embracing the mantra of "less is beauty" with pure, effective, clean and safe products. Ayuna invites you to experience "mindful beauty" with simple skin care rituals that balance and rejuvenate your skin and your senses. 


Well - Aging

Pure, organic and loving. This unique approach opens the door to "well aging" and symbolizes a harmony with the passage of time, suitable for all skin types; even the most sensitive and demanding ones.

Based on the principles of mindfulness, the treatment uses products and techniques to stimulate the limbic system, focusing on three senses: aroma, sound & touch. Plasmas rich in botanical cell factors (from cotton, green carrot & pomegranate) and phyto-peptides (from turmeric root & centella asiatica-known as the longevity plant) help the skin maintain its regenerative abilities. In just one session, the treatment calms the mind while leaving the skin looking brighter, firmer and visibly rejuvenated.


Cleansing - Inhalation of aromatic vapor - Carboxygenation - Massage - Mask - Cream - Aromatherapy

60 min...$75



Enjoy the physical touch of an extra soft and creamy polish. Handcrafted luffas are filled with an exquisite 'Beauty Elixir' that polish and nourish the skin with spirulina and a cocktail of moisturizing active ingredients.

The treatment incorporates breathing techniques combined with slow and intentional movements to create awareness of the present moment. Allow yourself the time to disconnect and achieve long term emotional and overall wellbeing benefits.


Cleansing - Buff - Wrap - Massage - Aromatherapy

60 min...$75/ 90 min...$110

Face & Body


Pause! Take a moment to care for yourself, inside and out.

AYUNA unites the Well-Aging and Non-Toxic ceremonies to offer an experience capable of silencing the mind and submerging your whole self into a sense of relaxation where there is no notion of time.

A protocol from head to toe that cultivates the interior as much as the exterior. The result is an overall rejuvenated appearance accompanying a more relaxed mind and body.

90 min...$110/ 120 min...$145