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Integrative Health Coaching...



Hell is a place where nothing connects with nothing....Dante's "Inferno"


Integrative Health Coaching is a tool to help you connect or re-connect with who you really are; your visions, your values, your dreams and goals because only when you establish that connection can you tap into the wisdom, strength, and passion that lives inside of you allowing you to be your best, most creative, healthy and balanced self.


As an Integrative Health Coach trained at Duke University School of Integrative Medicine, I use a process grounded in scientifically proven studies to help you peel away the layers and uncover your true self in order to flourish in all aspects of your life.

Using a paradigm called the Wheel of Health we explore your health as a whole entity. In the center of the Wheel of Health is YOU. Using mindful awareness to establish that connection to your inner truth, we look at your life in seven areas, all of which can profoundly affect your overall state of health. Inviting insight and clarity through inquiry and personal discovery, I help you make changes that support your values and vision of your optimal health. As a sounding board and non-judgmental ear, I help you develop innovative and practical strategies to realize your health goals in a realistic and lasting way.


Whether in person or telephonically we meet in a predetermined number of sessions to establish, strategize, and reflect on previous meetings all geared towards creating healthy and successful behavior change to support your optimal health vision. I help empower you to take charge of your heath and overall well being.

Contact Judith for more information and to see if Integrative Health Coaching can help you be your best self.

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